University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Using the Search Feature

The University of Minnesota Employment website has a search feature to help you quickly locate position(s) for which you are interested.

Conducting a Broad Search

The fewer search fields used, the more results you will receive. You may also leave all fields blank to see every vacant position at the U.

Narrowing Your Search

You may search using any number of the six available fields.

The more search fields you fill in, the fewer results will be returned.

If, for example, you select "Faculty" in the "Position Category" field, your search results will return all faculty openings University-wide. However, if you selected both "Faculty" in the "Position Category" field, and "Duluth" in the "Campus Location" field, your search results will only return faculty positions located on our Duluth campus.

Search Fields

Position Category

All vacant positions are divided into one of 12 categories, by type of work. Please read "More about Position Categories" for examples of positions you will find under each category.

Position Title

This field shows a list of titles for our current open positions. If you know the title of the position you are interested in (for example, Police Officer or Associate Professor), select it from the list. If you are not certain of the exact title of the position(s) you are interested in, select "any".

Campus Location

The University of Minnesota has five (5) campus locations: Twin Cities, Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester. If you are interested in positions on one of these campuses, select it from the list. Sometimes, we have openings at off-campus locations. These positions will be listed under "other". If you do not have a campus preference, select "any".


On each of our campuses, positions are located in many different colleges or administrative units, such as our College of Liberal Arts on the Twin Cities campus, or the School of Fine Arts on our Duluth campus. Use this search feature if you know the college or administrative unit of the position you are interested in. If you are not certain, select "any", for a broader search.

Requisition Number

All positions at the University are assigned a 6-digit requisition number that uniquely identifies the position. If you saw a job opening in the newspaper or by another method than our website, most likely a requisition number was included in the ad. Use this number, and leave all other fields blank to go directly to the position.