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University of Minnesota Graduate Assistants:

You may have many questions regarding the upcoming labor election to determine whether or not University graduate assistants will be represented by GSWU/United Auto Workers of America. We are available to help you understand this process and timeline.

The law (PELRA) provides graduate assistants the right to determine whether they want to be represented by a union. On our campus, the GSWU/United Auto Workers of America (GSWU/UAW) filed representation cards with the Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS), the agency that oversees labor management for the state of Minnesota. In the coming weeks, the BMS will determine whether a sufficient number of representation cards have been filed to hold an election, and if so, the list of eligible voters and the details of the election. We will communicate more as these decisions are made by the BMS.

During this process, there are legal guidelines that both the union and the University must follow:

  • The University is currently under a Maintenance of Status Quo Order, which means that the University cannot make changes to terms and conditions of employment of any graduate assistant during this process.
  • The University and the union may present their position on topics related to the election, but neither party may make promises or threats regarding terms and conditions of employment.
  • Union organizing representatives may use public spaces on campus, but not enter a work area or interrupt the work of any employee for the purposes of oral solicitation or the distribution of literature.
  • Neither party may coerce or restrain employees in the exercise of their legal right to vote against or for union representation.

The University will act in accord with the law, assisting the BMS in implementing a fair election. We will continue to stress the importance of voting because a majority of those who vote will determine the outcome for everyone in the group. We encourage you to stay informed, stay involved, and above all, VOTE!

Office of Human Resources

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