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University of Minnesota Graduate Assistants:

On January 17, University of Minnesota graduate assistants filed cards with the Bureau of Mediation Services beginning a process by which all current graduate assistants will decide whether or not to become members of the United Auto Workers of America. While we were asked to recognize the union without a vote, we support the election process, which is provided by law and allows all graduate assistants an opportunity to vote. It is important that each of you participate in this election because those who vote will determine the outcome for everyone in the group. You are free to vote for or against union representation, regardless of whether or not you signed a card. However, if elected, all graduate assistants will become members of the United Auto Workers of America, and all will be required to pay union dues.

It is critical that you stay informed as we move through this process. The state�s Bureau of Mediation Services will determine the list of eligible voters as well as the details of the election. We will communicate this information to you as soon as it becomes available. We also will continue to update our online frequently asked questions as needed. If you have questions or concerns at any time during this process, please email

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important election.

Patti Dion
Director of Employee Relations and Compensation

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