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Action Planning

How To Use The Engagement Tools

What: These tools are here to support taking action in meaningful ways on feedback provided in the recent employee engagement survey.

Who: College/unit leaders are responsible for both sharing survey results throughout the unit and for creating and implementing action plans to address survey findings. HR will be assisting this process within the units.

How: Leaders work in partnership with HR, faculty and staff and Communications to:

  1. Review the college/unit report via dean/leadership team.
  2. Download their own report (all leaders who receive an emailed report).
  3. Communicate report results throughout your area, incorporating department/unit level information where appropriate. Ensure all staff and faculty have the opportunity to review their own work group’s survey results.
  4. Gather further information in key areas. For specifics to guide action planning - see the Action Planning Resource Library tools, below.
  5. Involve employees in the creation of action plans on between one to three areas of focus. Check with leadership on possible internal strategy for aligned efforts. Enter action plans into the I2A system.
  6. Encourage implementation of action plans.
  7. Report on successes and celebrate milestones; communicate and tie actions directly back to survey feedback.

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