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Step 4: Sections of a Resume

All resumes typically contain sections that highlight education and work experience. Often a profile or summary of qualifications section is used to provide the reader with an overview of your competencies. Some people also choose to include a section to highlight community or professional involvement as well as presentations or publications. Tailor your resume to bring out your strengths!

Typical Resume Sections

Optional Sections

  • Technical Skills/Programming*
  • Community Involvement
  • Professional involvement
  • Awards
  • Publications/Presentations*

*If these sections are extensive, you may want to create an addendum page to your resume

Length of a Resume

Resumes are typically one or two pages in length. If you are in the initial stages of writing your resume, don't be too concerned about the length. It will be important for you to review your resume, edit unnecessary information, and ask others to critique it.

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