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Self-responsibility in the Workplace
Organizations are changing at a whirlwind pace as globalization, technology, partnerships, mergers, and economic factors drive the need to keep up. When managers and employees work together to create a respectful, self-motivating environment, there is potential for better results for both the department and the larger organization.
Job Inventory (pdf)
Think about past jobs or projects you have worked on. What did you like about them? What energized, frustrated, or motivated you? The Job Inventory is a tool that can help bring clarity and focus to your decision about changing jobs.
Career Resilience
Career resilience is one of the essentials you will need to find and keep good work throughout your work life.
Great Conversations at Work
Through conversation, we find connections with others. It's a way to build relationships and get things done; it's also a way to find meaning and purpose within ourselves. A Great Conversation is one in which there is give and take, mutual understanding, and a shared responsibility. Creating Great Conversation is an art—an art that anyone can learn.
Toxic Personalities in the Workplace
Have you ever worked with someone who is impossible to work with? No one is perfect, and we may all have a bad day. However, this is a workplace issue that is problematic in that certain behaviors affect not only coworkers, but can have long-term negative effects on the organization.
Virtual Job Scams: Consumer Beware
Most of us, at one time or another, have been tempted by online scammers who find clever ways to dupe the unexpected with quick-rich schemes and promises of unexpected fortunes. Online scamming appears in many forms including romantic promises, fraudulent insurance claims, charity tricks, get-rich-quick schemes, and more recently, virtual job posting fraud.
Strengths, Not Weaknesses
Learn how to identify your unique strengths. The more opportunities you have to use your strengths, the more likely you will be a better employee and a more satisfied individual
Self-Care: The Best Remedy for Managing Change
Change can give us a feeling of losing control; a sense of loss of control over knowing what to expect each day. Here are some ideas for enhancing that sense of control by improving your self-care and working to create balance in your life.
Resume Resources
Looking for help in updating or writing a draft of your resume? Employee Career Services has resources for you.
Generations in the Workforce
For the first time in history, there are four generations in the workplace at the same time. Each group has its own set of work, career, and life values. This can lead to potential miscommunication and lack of understanding about work expectations. On the other hand, it can also lead to a vital and productive workplace as people learn to work well together.
How Well Do You Know Yourself?
Whether you want to be a leader, find a new job or career path, or just want to be happier at work, learning to know yourself well is a proactive way to seek and discover greater satisfaction.
Organizing Your Job Search
Looking for a new job can be time consuming. Developing a weekly plan can help organize tasks and enable you to keep track of the positions you have applied for. The amount of time you choose to devote to your job search is up to you; however, there are proven guidelines that have helped others in their planning. Jessica Miller, training coordinator, offers tips for organizing your plan of action and recommends key questions you should ask in the process.
Taking the Fear Out of Career Change: Asking the Right Questions
You're ready to make a career change; you even know what you want to do. Yet, since you've made the decision to look for a different job, you haven't done much about it. Be assured¿you're not alone. There are many people, just like you, who are facing the same dilemma.
Do you want a deeper understanding of yourself and how you interact with others? What about your work interests; do you know what work you are most comfortable performing? These questions and more can be answered through self-assessment inventories, career workshops, and classes and/or self-help books. Recognize your strengths and talents as valuable sources for your great achievements.
Change and Your Career
To successfully manage your career, you must be ready to handle it. Step one is to recognize that working with change is a career skill. The second step is to be aware of your natural reactions to change, so that they don't limit your career and job options.
The Career Portfolio
One of the newest trends in the job management process is the career portfolio. A relative of the familiar artist's portfolio, the career portfolio is a convenient way to store and share tangible materials from your career.
Volunteering: A Win/Win
Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to the community, as well as to gain experience in new areas. Here are some ideas about volunteering, tips for getting started, and resource sites.
Addressing a Few Myths About Resumes
Most people do not keep their resume as up-to-date as they would like. In fact, it's usually a job search that prompts people to bring the old one out and dust it off. What makes this more challenging is that there are trends in resumes, and most people don't keep up with them.
Feeling Stuck in Your Job?
Even if you were excited about your job at one time, it's not unusual to reach a point where you feel unsatisfied or possibly stuck. Even the most interesting work can become mundane over time. Here are some common statements made by people who feel stuck and tips for becoming unstuck!
Action Strategies for Career Renewal
There are many strategies to renew your career. Each person will be drawn to certain strategies at certain times. The important thing is to implement a variety of strategies at any given time.
Are You in the Right Job?
Thinking about your current situation at work is an important step in developing your career. Only by assessing how things are now can you begin to make plans for the future.
A Career Development Model
Whether you want to move up, move around or grow in your current position, the Explore, Reflect, Act model can be very helpful. Each stage in this model provides a particular perspective on the search for satisfying work.
Stay and Grow in Your Current Job
You may have decided to develop some new skills or grow in your experience in your current job. Consider what seems to be missing from your current job, or are they just new parts of it to be learned? How could you add that to your current job?
Job Search Strategies
Richard Bolles, the author of the best-selling career book, What Color Is Your Parachute?, wrote “The person who gets hired is not necessarily the person with the best qualifications, it's the one who knows the most about getting hired.”
Networking is important in helping you find the most up-to-date, personal and in-depth information about jobs, careers, and departments. Whether you need more information about job opportunities, career enhancement or other University cultures, connecting with employees is critical