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Plan Your Career

  • Job Interviewing

    Learn how to prepare for a job interview, present yourself professionally, and appropriately follow up.

  • Job Interviewing Tips

    Tips to help you deliver your best performance at the job interview.

  • Job Networking

    Learn how to make contacts and build relationships to help in the career and job search process.

  • Resume Workshop

    A good resume can open the door to a job interview. This presentation will help you prepare a resume that represents you at your best.

  • ResumeTutor!©

    This tutorial provides hints, tips, and ideas to help you create a powerful resume.

  • Resume Resources

    An effective resume can open the door to job interviews. Use these resources to help you build a great resume

  • Resume Samples

    These sample resumes are for common staff positions at the University – such as communications, human resources, student services, and informational technology. They are all in the chronological format. For a full view of the types of resumes, use the resume workshop or the ResumeTutor! listed above, or visit the State of Minnesota's career exploration website

  • Individual Development Plan (pdf)

    The IDP is designed to help you determine and set professional development goals for future career growth.

  • Career Strategies Resource Guide (pdf)

    As your career journey unfolds, you will have different resource needs. This guide contains a directory of useful websites grouped into categories.

  • Smart Goal Setting (pdf)

    Achieve your career goals by making them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

External Resources

  • Metro Area Job Groups (pdf)
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits
    The State of Minnesota's Workforce Center provides information and forms to apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits. If you participate in the Layoff Severance Program and receive a lump-sum payment, this pay is subject to tax and will impact any Unemployment Insurance Benefits.
  • Dislocated Worker Program
    Dislocated Worker Program services include job seeking skills workshops, job referrals and placement, retraining (including the cost of tuition), on-the-job training, and assessments to enable you to become self-employed. Services are available at Minnesota Workforce Centers, 888-GET-JOBS (888-438-5627). 

Research Career Options

Links to the most popular career, resume, and job search websites. Also includes links to many local employers.

Career Services for Students

Contact your college's career services office or visit the University's Career Services Web site for information on career resources for students.

University Career Services