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Medica Group Prime Solution

Type of Network: Open Access
Must Designate Clinic: No
Referrals Required: No, when using most network providers
Plan Manages Paperwork: Yes
Travel/Extended Absence: Up to 9 consecutive months

Plan Overview

Medica is the largest health maintenance organization (HMO) and leading non-profit and independent provider of health plans in Minnesota. Its commercial and Medicaid HMO plans have the highest accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. In the Upper Midwest, Medica serves 1.2 million members.

Medica Group Prime Solution provides health care services through its open-access network of physicians, medical clinics, hospitals, and other providers. This means that referrals are not required when using the Medica provider network for specialty care and that you may use any health care provider within the network at any time. You will retain and may use your Medicare benefits outside of this network.

Additional Application

You complete an additional application to participate in this plan. This application is mailed to you by Medica Group Prime Solution after Employee Benefits forwards your paperwork. You must complete this application and return it to Medica prior to your desired effective date in order to be enrolled..

When you enroll in Medica Group Prime Solution, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part D, and your premium for Medicare Part D will be automatically included in your premium for Medica Group Prime Solution.

Catastrophic Pharmacy

If total prescription drug out-of-pocket expenses exceed $4,700 per year, your cost will be the lesser of:

  • the drug cost or
  • $10 copay for generic drugs and
  • $30 copay for brand/non-preferred brand/specialty drugs

Service Area

Medica Group Prime Solution is available in all Minnesota counties. This plan is also available in selected counties within North and South Dakota and Wisconsin. See Medical Plan Availability.

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