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Benefits for Retirees

Benefits Enrollment Guide

Learn more about the health benefits available to you as a University of Minnesota retiree.

2016 Benefits Enrollment Guide (pdf)

Medical and Dental

Eligible faculty and staff who are retiring from the University may continue medical and dental coverage through the University at their own expense. Coverage is available to employees who retire:

  • at age 55 or older with five years of service, or
  • age 50 to 54 with 15 years of service, or
  • regardless of age with 30 years of service

Dependents who are covered at the time of retirement may also continue coverage.

If your spouse also works at the University, you may be added to that individual's coverage as a dependent. After your spouse retires, each of you would then have single retiree coverage.

If you decide not to continue coverage when first eligible as a retiree, you and your dependents lose any opportunity to re-enroll in the University's medical or dental plans in the future.

Continuing Coverage

You are encouraged to complete all of the paperwork necessary to continue your medical and dental coverage two to three months prior to your retirement. For assistance, contact the Employee Benefits Service Center to schedule an appointment with a benefits counselor.

If you or your spouse are age 65 or over and eligible for Medicare, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B to participate in the University program.

If you and your spouse or dependents are either all under age 65 or all over age 65, you must enroll in the same age-appropriate plan. If you are in different age groups (one is under age 65 and one is age 65 or over), you must select plans appropriate to your age group.

Group Term Life Insurance

You may continue your current group term life insurance for 18 months under COBRA continuation provisions. This includes basic life insurance and any additional coverage for yourself, your spouse, and children.