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Understanding an Explanation of Benefits

After you've seen a provider for care, you likely will receive a document from Medica called an "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB). The EOB is a record of the services you or another family member received on a certain date.

Understanding an Explanation of Benefits (pdf)

Your medical plan options provide regular medical care and pharmacy benefits for the diagnosis and treatment of most illnesses and injuries in plan options varying from limited network plans to open access and a high deductible health plan. The plan options include a wide range of providers and feature different rates, deductibles, and copayments.

The medical plans do not have a pre-existing condition clause. This means that you and your eligible dependents will have coverage for any medical condition, including pregnancy, as soon as your coverage becomes effective.

Within each geographic location or zone is a base plan that offers low copayments and rates. You may choose a medical plan that is available where you live or work. For example, if you live in the Greater Minnesota zone but work in the Duluth area zone, you can choose a plan in either zone.

Additional Medical Benefits

UnitedHealthcare Global
Worldwide emergency medical assistance,travel assistance services, and evacuation services for political or natural disaster causes are available when you are 100 or more miles away from home. You are automatically covered by the program when you enroll in any one of the medical plan options.

Virtual Care
Some common conditions—such as cold, flu, pink eye, and sinus infections—can be treated quickly and easily using online or virtual care. You save time by avoiding a trip to the doctor or clinic and can often get help evenings or sometimes even 24/7.

Convenience Care/Walk-In Clinics
The convenience care clinics on the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses provide medical care for you and your family. No appointment is necessary.

Travel Program
When traveling or attending college outside of the plan's service area, you may receive in-network benefits for your medical services if you use a provider in the designated network from Medica.

Additional Resources

MN Community Measurement
Find accurate, comparative details on the quality of care at Minnesota's provider groups.

Benefits Advisory Committee
The Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC), which is comprised of representatives from all employee groups, advises the University administration on health program benefit offerings.