University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources


Eligibility and Accrual

Employees working on a prearranged and assigned schedule of 50% time or more shall earn three minutes of sick leave for each straight time hour worked.

Changing Jobs at the University

When a Teamsters employee changes to an AFSCME Clerical or Technical, or Civil Service job, with no break in service, unused sick leave moves with the employee to the new job.

Leaving the University

For all job classes, unused sick leave is not paid out when an employee leaves the University.

Returning to the University

An employee who has been promoted out of the Teamsters bargaining unit and who is reemployed in his/her former classification in the unit within one year of the effective date of the promotion may, at the sole discretion of the employer, have unused sick leave reinstated.

Sick Leave Policies

For more details about sick leave, read Articles 18 and 34 of the Teamsters contract.

Teamsters, Article 18—Vacation and Sick Leave
Teamsters, Article 34—Reinstatement