University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Personal & Scheduled Floating Holiday

Personal Holiday- Twin Cities and Rochester Campuses

A personal holiday is provided to academic, civil service, and labor represented staff employees in lieu of a scheduled "floating" holiday on which the campus is to be closed. This holiday must be taken during the fiscal year between the dates of July 1 and June 30. It cannot be banked or used outside this period, or it is lost. Approval and tracking of this holiday in HRMS is the responsibility of the local unit for all employee groups.

For further detail refer to the following:

Rules and contract language governing leave for personal holidays vary by employee group. Be sure to consult the appropriate governing document.

Scheduled Floating Holiday- Crookston, Duluth, and Morris Campuses

On the Crookston, Duluth, and Morris campuses, a floating holiday is set each year by administrators in lieu of a personal holiday scheduled at the faculty or staff employee's option. The entire campus will be closed on the chosen date, affecting all academic, civil service, and union-represented staff employees.

For contract language regarding Leaves of Absence for Duluth and Crookston faculty, refer to:


Wondering If You Have Taken Your Personal Holiday?

Personal holiday information is recorded in the Vacation and Sick Leave Balances self-service action at Employee Self-Service.

If you have taken your personal holiday and your department has recorded it, it will show up as "Personal" in your vacation/sick leave balance. If you haven't taken your personal holiday, there will be no entry.

You can quickly find all the "Personal" entries by clicking on the "Type" table header, which will sort your information by leave type.