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When will your benefit coverage begin?

Effective dates for basic benefits

When you first become benefits-eligible, your department will provide you with a benefits enrollment guide, and Employee Benefits will send you an e-mail message with the online enrollment information.

New Employees

You need to elect your dental plan within the first 60 days of employment or benefits eligibility. You have the option to change plans within the first 60 days, and the new plan will be made effective retroactive to your initial effective date of active coverage.

You can elect to waive coverage and not have a dental plan. You would be allowed, however, to add coverage during the year if you were to experience a loss of other coverage due to an eligible family status change.

For Family Coverage

You need to elect your level of family coverage within the first 60 days of employment or benefits eligibility. If you do not enroll your eligible dependents at the time you are first eligible, you may enroll them later only during a dental open enrollment period or if you have a family status change.

Same-sex Domestic Partners

If you register your same-sex domestic partner with the University, you are eligible to add your partner and his/her dependent children to your dental coverage. To register, call 612-624-UOHR (612-624-8647) or 800-756-2363 to reach the Employee Benefits Service Center.


Open Enrollment/Status Change

After your first 60 days of eligibility, you can make changes to your coverage only during an Open Enrollment period or due to a family status change such as marriage or a work status change such as an appointment change from part-time to full-time.

During Open Enrollment you can change plans or add or cancel dependent coverage. With 30 days of a family or work status change you can add or cancel dependent coverage.