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Make Changes to Dental Coverage

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To make changes in your dental coverage outside of the Open Enrollment period, you must have a change in family status. The coverage change must be consistent with the family status change.

You must make your request for a change in your coverage due to a family status change within 30 days of the date of change.

Family status changes include:

  • Change in legal marital status, including marriage, divorce, or annulment
  • Death of your spouse or last eligible dependent child
  • Birth or adoption of your first eligible dependent child
  • Change in last dependent child's eligibility because of age
  • Commencement or termination of employment for you, spouse, or dependent
  • Change in your or your spouse's employment status from part time to full time, or from full time to part time
  • Change in the place of residence or work site for you, spouse, or dependent to a location outside of the current plan's service area and the current plan is not available.

If you have more specific questions about changes in your coverage, call 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363 to reach the Employee Benefits Service Center.