MNMR Center

Request Instrument Time

NMR Time Reserving Policy:

 • Instrument schedules will be determined on a monthly basis.

 • Time requests must be submitted to MNMR by the 15th of the preceding month.

 • MNMR staff will evaluate all requests and a detailed schedule will be posted by the 20th of the preceeding month.

 • Research groups that do not receive requested time in a given month will have priority in the following month.

 • No research group may exceed 2 weeks NMR time on a single instrument in a month unless there are no competing requests.

 • Cancelled time will be offered first to the next scheduled user.

 • Any available/unrequested instrument time will be open to "first come, first served" requests.

 • To see more policies, click here.


Before submission, please make sure that all fields are filled in correctly.
NMR time requests are not guaranteed and are subject to change.
The Schedule is updated by the staff M-F generally in the morning between 9am-12pm.
If it has been more than 24hrs since your request was submitted and is a weekday, please contact center staff.