MNMR Center

MNMR Center Advanced Workshop:
    “Protein Structure and Dynamics:
            From Soluble to Membrane-Bound”

June 15-19, 2015

This summer, the Minnesota NMR Center offers a new incarnation of their annual “hands on” advanced NMR workshop, in which attendees will have the opportunity to learn methods applicable to both soluble and membrane-bound proteins. Not only will graduate students and postdoctoral associates familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art multidimensional techniques in solution NMR spectroscopy, but they will also be given an introduction to solid-state NMR methods and an opportunity to apply them to membrane-bound proteins. Over the course of the workshop, they will learn how to set up multidimensional NMR experiments on our spectrometers, interpret protein NMR spectra, and calculate and assess the quality of a protein’s three-dimensional structure. Although not necessary, a basic knowledge of NMR is preferable. Lectures will be given by professors and NMR staff at the University of Minnesota as well as guest speakers from other institutions, including some of the world’s premier experts on protein NMR. To see detail, click here .


Welcome to the Minnesota NMR Center!

The MNMR Center is a non-profit organization run through the BMBB Department at the University of Minnesota. It is dedicated to the two-pronged task of serving the NMR-based research needs of the University and providing education in the implementation of NMR techniques to biomedical research. The MNMR Center is committed to providing access to resources, facilitating collaborations between faculty and other UMN scientists, and helping to strengthen proposals for extramural funding. Four major research areas have been identified as strong throughout the University, broadly defined as: Structural Biology, Metabolomics, Small Molecules and Drugs, and Soft and Hard Matter. The mission of the NMR Center is to enhance the research infrastructure available for faculty involved in these disciplines by ensuring access to state-of-the-art for both solution and solid-state NMR. Users outside the University of Minnesota system may have access to all of this instrumentation either via collaboration or with a fee-based agreement. We strongly encourage national and international users!

Gianluigi Veglia, Ph.D.

Director, MNMR Center


Current Center Staff

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MNMR Center general phone number: 612-625-2957

Gianluigi Veglia, Ph.D. - Center Director

Phone: (612) 625-0758
Lab website: Veglia Lab

Youlin Xia, Ph.D. - Structural Biology Manager

Phone (MNMR office): (612) 626-3805
Phone (MNMR Center): (612) 624-8892

Todd Rappe - Metabolomics/Small Mol. Manager

Phone (MNMR office): (612) 625-9147
Phone (MNMR Center): (612) 624-8892

Tata Gopinath, Ph.D. - Solid-State Manager

Phone (MNMR office): (612) 625-2715
Phone (MNMR Center): (612) 624-8892

Tara Mclane - Lab Manager

Phone (MNMR office): (612) 301-9691
Phone (MNMR Center): (612) 624-8892