MNMR Center

Advanced Workshop - Protein Structure Determination


June 9-13, 2014

The Minnesota NMR Center is offering a "hands-on" NMR workshop with an emphasis on protein structure determination. Graduate students and postdoctoral associates will familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art multidimensional techniques in solution NMR spectroscopy. They will learn how to set up multidimensional NMR experiments on our spectrometers, interpret protein NMR spectra, calculate the three-dimensional structure using computational methods, and assess the quality of the structures generated. Although not necessary, a basic knowledge of NMR is preferable. Lectures will be given by professors and NMR staff at the University of Minnesota as well as guest speakers from other institutions.



Workshop Fee - $450

Fee includes course materials, breakfast, daily refreshments, and Thursday dinner. This may be submitted either via internal EFS string, or by check.


Room Accommodations - 2 options

Option #1: lodging Sunday to Friday + Parking = $189
Option #2: lodging Sunday to Friday + Parking + 4 Dinner meal plan = $229


Workshop Registration

Please click here for the registration form.

**Deadline for registration is May 10, 2014**


Workshop Flyers and Programs

Date: June 9-13, 2014



Date: June 3-7, 2013





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