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Today's News: Friday, September 6, 2013


Using human cells, U professor is building parts to repair the circulatory system
In a lab at the U, a persistent professor is using human cells to engineer arteries and heart valves. U of M professor Robert Tranquillo is profiled.
Star Tribune

Gut bacteria from thin humans can slim down mice
The trillions of bacteria that live in the gut — helping digest foods, making some vitamins, making amino acids — may help determine if a person is fat or thin. Alexander Khoruts, U of M Medical School, weighs in.
New York Times

People and Lifestyle

When health deductibles rise, men delay emergency care
Men, it turns out, are more likely to delay treatment for serious conditions under high-deductible plans, in contrast to women, who tend to be more selective and cut back care for minor ailments only. Katy Kozhimannil, U of M School of Public Health, comments.
New York Times

The connection between sports and character
Mary Jo Kane, Director of the U of M's Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport, comments on the connection between sports and character.

Game, sex and match
Sportswomen are beginning to score more commercial goals - but they still have a lot of ground to make up. Mary Jo Kane, a U of M sport sociologist, comments.
The Economist

Antidepressants have no effect on bone loss
The use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or tricyclic antidepressants among women in midlife didn't lead to a greater rate of bone loss, a prospective cohort study found. Susan Diem, U of M Medical School, comments.
MedPage Today