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Today's News: Friday, July 12, 2013


University of Minnesota faces daunting task in raising $190 million for practice facilities
One day after introducing the plan, school officials reiterated that state money, which provided the bulk of the funding for the $288 million TCF Bank Stadium, has been ruled out for the proposed series of athletic upgrades.
Star Tribune

Business and Politics

Senate close to compromise on student loan crisis
The Associated Press reports lawmakers are considering a deal that would tie the interest rates on new student loans to the 10-year Treasury note, plus an additional percentage to account for administrative costs. University Student Finance Director Kris Wright comments.
Minnesota Daily

Sen. Robert Menendez says Obamacare's employer mandate affects 1% of U.S. workforce
Stephen Parente, a health economist at the U of M, comments on the Affordable Care Act.

Spreading pig virus may curb U.S. pork supply, veterinarians say
James Collins, U of M College of Veterinary Medicine, shares how the spreading PEDV pig virus may curb U.S. pork supply.
Star Tribune

People and Lifestyle

90-year-olds mentally sharper today than recent generations
James Pacala, U of M Medical School, comments on a new studying showing people lucky enough to live to 90 may have better brain health than their predecessors.
CBS News

Monarch butterflies even more elusive in Minnesota this year
Karen Oberhauser, U of M professor who runs the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, comments on the scarcity of the monarch butterfly.
Star Tribune

Commentary and Opinion

Teague's plans for U is as audacious as the AD himself
Launching a plan to privately raise $190 million to improve facilities is just the bold move the U needs.
Star Tribune