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Today's News [Weekend Edition]: Monday, December 31, 2012


Cost of College: Colleges' bureaucracy expands costs
The U is the focus of a story on the trend of rising administrative costs and what has contributed to those increases. The story is part of a series the Journal has published about the national trend of increasing tuition costs during the past decade. President Eric Kaler, Board of Regents Chair Linda Cohen and numerous senior leaders were interviewed.
Wall Street Journal
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U of M bureaucracy scrutinized in Wall Street Journal report
U of M Regent member Laura Brod talks with MPR's Cathy Wurzer about the Wall Street Journal analysis of the U's bureaucracy.
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U tuition bargain gets review
For students from states like Illinois, Iowa and Texas, the University of Minnesota is a deal. Too good a deal, some now believe. The university dropped its nonresident tuition four years ago to attract more undergraduates from elsewhere. ...New leaders at the U, surprised by the slim gap between in-state and out-of-state sticker prices, are wondering whether that's fair to Minnesota residents, who have seen their tuition double over the past decade -- or smart for a university hunting for new revenue as state funding has fallen.
Star Tribune

U of M a good value - for out-of-staters
The University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus might be a better value for out-of-state students than for those in state, according to recent rankings published by Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine.
Pioneer Press


A tangled debate centers on newborns' DNA
Susan Wolf, UMN Bioethics, said the prospect of routinely sequencing healthy newborn babies raises an array of new questions and needs careful study.
Boston Globe

Type 2 diabetes among younger people on the rise
More than 20,000 adolescents and teens in the U.S. now have Type 2 diabetes, compared with almost none 20 years ago. Dr. Claudia Fox, U of M Amplatz Children's Hospital, U of M Physicians, comments.
Star Tribune

Seeds from tree found to trigger devastating disease
A toxin in the seeds of the box elder tree has just been discovered to cause Seasonal Pasture Myopathy in North America. The discovery was made by researchers at the University of Minnesota Equine Center.
Horse Talk

People and Lifestyle

New year's resolutions: Don't set yourself up for failure
Tai Mendenhall, assistant professor of family and social science at the University of Minnesota, offers tips to help stick to a New Year's resolution.
Grand Forks Herald

High flying females: Women are more likely to pursue top careers if they fear they might not find a husband
Women who fear they may not find a husband are more likely to pursue high flying careers, a new study has revealed. Researchers found that women who consider themselves unattractive work harder to carve out a career for themselves. Study co-author Dr Vlad Griskevicius, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota, comments.
Daily Mail

Miss Minnesota prepares for pageant in Vegas
Miss Minnesota Siri Freeh is a junior and nursing major at the University of Minnesota. The Detroit Lakes native said she is looking forward to the trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Miss America Pageant.
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Commentary and Opinion

Shaver sees no ethical conflict; others aren't so sure
[KARE 11 news and sports anchor] Randy Shaver said he sees no ethical conflict in reporting on high school sports and raising money at high school games for his cancer research foundation. ...But Jane Kirtley, a professor of media ethics and law at the University of Minnesota, said the arrangement crossed ethical lines.
Star Tribune

Updates and Events

2012 poised to tie record for warmth
University of Minnesota Extension climatologist Mark Seeley says Minnesotans "should be concerned" about the fact that 2012 is set to match the warmest year on record in the Twin Cities and could turn out to be Minnesota's warmest ever.
Star Tribune