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Today's News: Friday, December 28, 2012


Minnesota's Kill won't let epilepsy slow him down
Columnists Jerome Soloman (Houston Chronicle) and Erik Adelson (Yahoo! Sports) profile U of M football coach Jerry Kill's battle with epilepsy.
Houston Chronicle
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Yahoo! Sports


U of M commits to new venture capital fund
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, committed $5 million in the first venture capital fund offered by Icon Venture Partners, a new firm that will focus on investment in early-stage enterprise technology firms.
Pensions & Investments


Is the Green Revolution wilting?
Jonathan Foley, executive director of the U's Institute on the Environment and professor in the College of Biological Sciences, discusses a new U of M study that says while the Green Revolution is continuing in many places, it has stagnated for key food crops in some of the most densely populated parts of the world with KFAI's Siobhan Kierans and Dale Connelly on The Morning Blend.
KFAI Radio
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Business and Politics

Will milk prices double without farm bill renewal?
Marin Bozic, assistant professor of dairy foods marketing economics at the University of Minnesota, joins the Daily Circuit to discuss the impact falling off the 'fiscal cliff' would have on milk and dairy prices, which would be set by the government. Bozic also spoke to KMEG-TV in Sioux City, Iowa.
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Mayor's race shaping up as a wild scramble
R.T. Rybak's declaration that he isn't a candidate in 2013 already has prompted speculation that the Minneapolis mayor's race could be like none other in the city's history. ..."I don't think we've seen the full roster of candidates yet," said Tony Hill, a University of Minnesota Duluth political scientist and a student of Minneapolis politics.
Star Tribune

Good Question: Where do apps come from?
Rick Huebsch, the associate director for technology and commercialization at the U of M, helps answer this question.
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Small-business owners to DC: Remember Main Street
A coalition of small businesses begged the president and Congress [via a letter] to "make big corporations pay a larger share of taxes" as part of any "grand bargain" to deal with the nation's fiscal cliff and financial deficit [but] U of M economist Laura Kalambokidis argues that lowering corporate tax rates does not necessarily hurt small businesses
Hispanic Business

People and Lifestyle

Keeping those New Year's resolutions
Becky Gorman, Center for Spirituality & Healing, discusses why it's so hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions.
Fox 9
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Commentary and Opinion

Local view: Methadone treatment often target of irrational criticism
John Grabowski, U of M Medical School, says the News Tribune’s Dec. 6 report on legislative hearings regarding methadone was disappointing, as was this year’s methadone-treatment series.
Duluth News Tribune

Updates and Events

Minnesota: Flu season continues to intensify in state
Despite a rise in flu-related hospitalizations statewide, tallies thus far have been "typical," at the U of M Medical Center, Fairview as well as the U's Amplatz Children's Hospital said Ryan Davenport.
Pioneer Press

Rice dental clinic in Willmar, Minn., celebrates fifth year with grant of $175K
The Rice Regional Dental Clinic celebrated its fifth anniversary Tuesday with news of a major gift: the awarding of a $175,000 grant from Delta Dental of Minnesota. ...U of M Regent Elton Johnson and Jeff Odgen, U of M School of Dentistry were on hand for the festivities.
West Central Tribune

U of M Crops Trial Bulletin available
The University of MN Field Crop Trials Bulletin is now available in print and electronic forms. The new publication, dated January 2013, provides results from U of MN trials conducted in 2012 across the state.