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Today's News: Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Oh boy! 19 baby boys born at Fairview
In a run that defied the odds, the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview assisted with 19 consecutive births of baby boys. ...U of M math professor Larry Gray calculates the probability of such a streak.

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GPS trackers catch U of M workers not working
Global Positioning System trackers on University of Minnesota vehicles revealed three elevator mechanics spent more than 4,000 minutes in just eight weeks idling in their cars or at gas stations or convenience stores, with no work orders "anywhere nearby" where the employees were found to have been, according to the university. "These employees were investigated, were given due process, and were adequately punished," said Brad Hoff, chief administrative officer at the University's Facilities Management division, where the employees worked.
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Researchers think American cities are becoming more alike in wild life
One of America’s hottest cities [Phoenix] and one of its coldest [Minneapolis] may have more in common than you would guess. ...Researchers from the University of Minnesota surveyed 137 yards in Minneapolis and St. Paul, looking at the plants that grew there spontaneously, and found that the yards held more exotic species than rural areas outside the city.
New York Times

Making a flu vaccine without the virus
A new vaccine strategy could make flu shots cheaper, safer, and easier to produce. A synthetic makes it possible. Katie Ballering, from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, shares more.

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Good Question: Does Facebook own what we post?
On Cyber Monday, it wasn’t a Facebook status about a great deal on shopping sweeping the social networking site. It was a status update proclaiming copyright over content. ...The post suggests that if you don’t explicitly proclaim your copyright, “you will be tacitly allowing the use of elements such as your photos as well as the information contained in your profile status updates." One problem: That is not true, according to Bill McGeveran – an intellectual property and online law expert at the University of Minnesota School of Law.
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Updates and Events

Minnesota joins project to centralize nation's digital libraries
Minnesota is joining a pilot project to combine and centralize the country's digital library collections. The Minnesota Digital Library, a collaboration of the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Historical Society and other institutions, will be an early contributor to the Digital Public Library of America, or DPLA.
Minnesota Daily

U looks to fix area biking problems
Minneapolis is consistently ranked in the top three for bike-friendly cities nationwide, but students and faculty at the University of Minnesota say there’s work to be done in the area. ...Reducing the number of bicycle incidents in front of the Science Teaching and Student Services building near the Washington Avenue Bridge is the University’s Parking and Transportation department’s top priority for improving the bike system on campus.
Minnesota Daily

University of Minnesota licensing revenue plummets
Licensing income at the U of M fell by $75 million from 2009-2011, slipping to a total of $10 million last year. ...The reason behind the precipitous decline shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed the U of M’s technology transfer operations: Royalty payments from a university patent for the AIDS drug Ziagen began phasing out in 2010 and will fully expire in 2016.
Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

With little information shared, experts express concern about new coronavirus
The World Health Organization has warned countries to heighten their surveillance for possible cases of infection with the new coronavirus, suggesting patients with unexplained pneumonias should be tested even if they don't have links to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, explains the WHO's warning.
Vancouver Sun