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Today's News: Friday, November 9, 2012


UMR chancellor looks back at 5 years of growth
University of Minnesota-Rochester Chancellor Stephen Lehmkuhle took a "Back to the Future" approach to his State of the Campus address on Thursday.
Rochester Post-Bulletin


Practical approaches to treating early stages of schizophrenia
There has been substantial interest lately on the early stages of schizophrenia and the effects of untreated psychosis. ...In this podcast, Charles Schulz from the University of Minnesota discusses some practical approaches and challenges of treating young persons with early stage schizophrenia.
Psychiatric Times
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U of M study: Exercise can make you smarter--at least if you're a rat
A high-fat diet appears to make you dumber, but exercise makes you smarter. At least if you're a rat. That's what researchers at the University of Minnesota and the VA Medical Center found, according to studies presented in October in New Orleans at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.
Pioneer Press

Osteoarthritis update: Exercise may be the answer to your knee pain
Adults with painful osteoarthritis of the knee should turn to exercise — aerobic, aquatic or strength training — as a good nonsurgical way to ease their pain and improve their functioning, a new review suggests. To reach this conclusion, Dr. Tatyana Shamliyan, a senior research associate at the University of Minnesota, and her colleagues reviewed 193 studies that were published between 1970 and 2012.
The Courier-Journal

Business and Politics

If Congress goes over the fiscal cliff, here's how Minnesotans could get hurt at tax time
Have you heard of the fiscal cliff? If President Obama and Congress fail to make a deal on taxes and the deficit, the economy could go over a cliff. ...Jay Kiedrowski is an economic analyst at the University of Minnesota.  He says just about every government program would be trimmed, except for social security and veteran's benefits.

When the lights go down in the city...the energy infrastructure lessons from Superstorm Sandy
Power failure on the scale we recently saw with Super Storm Sandy does NOT have to happen. ...Today we are joined by Dr. Massoud Amin from the University of Minnesota, a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and member of the IEEE Computer Society's Task Force on Security and Privacy.
Go Green Radio
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Pluristem: Second patient with 'life-saving' cells died
Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (PSTI) said a second of the three patients given the company’s experimental stem cells has died after Pluristem touted the treatments as “life-saving." ...“Such press releases risk misleading investors by creating overly optimistic account of scientific research,” Leigh Turner, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics, said in a blog posting yesterday.
Bloomberg Businessweek

People and Lifestyle

Cell phones found with more bacteria than toilet seat
We may need to think more about the hygiene of one of our most prized possessions, our cell phones. ...University of Minnesota Epidemiologist Craig Hedberg, PhD, stresses the levels we found shouldn't be a concern, especially if you wash your hands.
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Pig tattoo lands reputed gang member in Hennepin County Jail
Antonio "Savage" Jenkins Jr. was proud enough of the new tattoo on his left bicep to stick a photo of it on Facebook. ...Dale Carpenter, who teaches constitutional law and the First Amendment at the University of Minnesota Law School, said that if the police version of events is correct, "then this is not protected speech."
Pioneer Press

Bike Friendly Universities: How to become one
Stanford and UC-Davis are known for their bike-friendly campuses. Is that just because they’re in Northern California, where cycling year-round is do-able? What about the University of Minnesota, Colorado State, Princeton, University of Michigan, Cornell and Rochester Institute of Technology? All have long winters. And they are all Bicycle Friendly University award winners!
San Francisco Chronicle

Commentary and Opinion

Our view: First-of-its-kind expo a can't-miss on Saturday
Here’s a rare opportunity not to be missed by anyone struggling with finances, a housing situation, or the ability to go back to school or to send their high schooler to college: experts from across the community all in one place, offering advice and guidance and answering questions — any questions. And all for free. ...The expo may be a first-of-its-kind for the Twin Ports, but with the leadership of President Goodwin, Chancellor Black, Chancellor Wachter and President Johns, it won’t be a rare opportunity for long.
Duluth News Tribune

Marquette: A grape worth getting to know
It’s all fun and games when you’re breezing down the ski slopes, starting snowball fights or ice-fishing, but extreme cold weather is definitely not as much fun for the hardy and optimistic folk growing grapes in the northern-most regions of the United States. ...The University of Minnesota has been at the forefront of cold-hardy grape research for several decades.
Napa Valley Register

'The Last Dragonslayer' and 'Iron Hearted Violet'
What is it about dragons that fascinates us so? ...But what if dragons were to die out altogether? Therein hinges the drama of two novels for young readers, with the fiery creatures in both being driven almost to extinction. Book review by Lisa Von Drasek, curator of the Children’s Literature Research Collections at the University of Minnesota.
New York Times

Updates and Events

Mini-planetarium show poses the universal question: Is there life on other planets?
We lay on our backs and gazed at an image of Earth projected onto the low, curved ceiling. A cursor hovered on a swirl of white clouds on the edge of the North American continent. "So, this right here is superstorm Sandy," explained Sally Brummel as she led a mini-planetarium show at the Bell Museum of Natural History. ...You can see our universe in miniature in the new ExploraDome at the Bell Museum of Natural History.
Pioneer Press

Expo offers information on money, housing, education
Area colleges and nonprofits are inviting everyone in the Duluth-Superior community back to class Saturday for a wide choice of lessons on finances, housing and higher education. ...“How people enter college is changing rapidly,” said Lynn Black, chancellor of UMD.
Duluth News Tribune

U wins transportation award
University of Minnesota Parking and Transportation Services has won a 2012 Commuter Choice Award. The annual award is sponsored by Metro Transit to recognize organizations, individuals and employers who promote alternative transportation options.
Minnesota Daily

Berlin the polar bear back on display at Como Zoo after major surgery
It's about time things smoothed out for Berlin the polar bear. ..."As soon as Berlin arrived at the hospital, we knew that we had to move quickly and efficiently," said Jose Mendez, D.V.M., a large animal surgical specialist within the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine.