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Today's News: Wednesday, May 2, 2012


More women need breasts removed after brachytherapy
Women who got seed radiation as part of their breast cancer treatment were more likely to have an infection or breast pain than those who were treated with whole-breast irradiation, in a new study…"It's really nice for women who work outside the home or women who live in rural areas because they can get it done much more quickly," said Dr. Todd Tuttle, a cancer surgeon from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.
Fox News

Business and Politics

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on short end of Delta jet swap
Frequent fliers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport notice it: more cramped planes on some domestic routes, less entertainment on some flights to Europe…"For the average person, they're not as comfortable," Timothy Kehoe, an economics professor at the University of Minnesota, said about the 767s.
Star Tribune

Minnesota farmland sales fell last year
A new study out late Tuesday shows a dip in Minnesota's median farmland prices, and a notable drop in the number of sales…The decline was partly due to a drop in the overall number of sales in the expensive southern parts of the state, said author Steven J. Taff, an agricultural economist at the University of Minnesota.
Star Tribune

On U of M campus, the world's quietest room
Tucked into a University of Minnesota West Bank building is a room so quiet it actually has negative decibels.
Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

CHS, Land O'Lakes top USDA co-op list
Minnesota boasted the nation's two top-grossing agriculture co-operatives in 2010, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported Tuesday…The variety of products generating revenue demonstrates the strength and diversity of Minnesota's agricultural economy, said agricultural economist Bill Lazarus of the University of Minnesota.
Star Tribune

Car Insurance: Tips On Getting Better Rates
With car insurance, there are things you can control, like the kind of car you drive. But there are things you can’t, like your age or gender…University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business Professor Andrew Whitman is going to help guide us.
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People and Lifestyle

Communal living shares resources
The word "commune" conjures visions of flower children sharing everything, including each other…Here's a snapshot of three versions -- the Students' Co-op at the University of Minnesota, the Monterey Cohousing development in St. Louis Park and the Red House Community in St. Paul.
Star Tribune

Health Buzz: Mammograms Smart for Some Women in 40s
Should women begin routine mammogram testing in their 40s, or wait until their 50s, as some experts recommend?…The number of couples seeking counseling has increased in recent years as the stigma surrounding the practice has faded, according to psychologist and University of Minnesota professor William Doherty.
US News and World Report

Farmers hit the fields hard
Eastern Jackson County farmer Loren Tusa is wondering when, exactly, farmers were supposed to start planting this year…“The soil wasn’t recharged like we typically have in the winter,” said Liz Stahl, Extension Crops Educator at the University of Minnesota Regional Center in Worthington.
Worthington Daily Globe

The lost and the left behind
Etan Patz, Madeleine McCann, Phylicia Barnes, Jaycee Dugard: four children who were declared missing and whose cases have had different outcomes so far. What knits their families together is that they all experienced loss, though of different types…Pauline Boss, a professor and marital and family therapist at the University of Minnesota, coined the term "ambiguous loss" to describe what happens when people are missing, either physically or emotionally.
Baltimore Sun

Commentary and Opinion

Voter ID? We don't see the need
Gen has been a Twin Cities resident her entire life, born in Northeast Minneapolis, now residing in a senior building in Edina…Jay Kiedrowski is a Senior Fellow at the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota and a contributor to Citizens for Election Integrity in Minnesota (CEIMN).

We Already Grow Enough Food For 10 Billion People -- and Still Can't End Hunger
A new a study from McGill University and the University of Minnesota published in the journal Nature compared organic and conventional yields from 66 studies and over 300 trials.
Huffington Post

Updates and Events

Klobuchar Talks to U of M Students about Financial Aid Issues
Congress has still not acted on a bill that would stop student loan interest rates from doubling. They have until July 1 to pass the legislation. Today, Sen. Amy Klobuchar will be at the University of Minnesota talking with students about their financial aid issues.

News Releases and Multimedia

Tiny Desk Concerts at the U

David F. Fisher named executive director of Law School's Corporate Institute