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Today's News: Wednesday, April 25, 2012


College basketball: New AD, old coach Gophers basketball faces many issues
As Virginia Commonwealth’s athletic director, Norwood Teague helped raise money for a new $10 million practice facility, saw the Rams reach the Final Four for the first time in program history and persuaded sought-after coach Shaka Smart to stay put.
Duluth News Tribune
Minnesota Public Radio Daily Circuit
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A Study on Job Seekers' Mental Health
Job seekers' mental health tends to improve nearly three months into unemployment—after the initial shock of the pink slip, but before the rejection letters start piling up. According to a new study led by Connie Wanberg, a University of Minnesota professor of organizational and work behavior, the average laid-off worker experiences a gradual improvement in mental health until the 10- to 12-week mark, when the trend reverses.
Wall Street Journal

University of Minnesota researcher rescues valuable tissue samples
Thanks in part to a professor at the University of Minnesota, tissue samples gathered decades ago are being used today for important medical research.
Minnesota Public Radio
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Case of Mad Cow Disease Is Found in U.S.
The Department of Agriculture announced that it had identified a case of mad cow disease, the first in six years, in a dairy cow in central California… “Our best prevailing wisdom about this is that there may be a spontaneous form of this cow dementia,” said Dr. Will Hueston, a professor of public health at the University of Minnesota.
New York Times

Scientists urge broad sampling for US children’s study
A panel of advisors to the US National Children’s Study met at a critical juncture today, as leaders of the study prepare to choose a sampling strategy for the multi-billion dollar effort to document influences on the health of 100,000 children from before birth to age 21… Joseph Konstan, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Minnesota, described the conundrum that is before the study’s managers and advisers succinctly.

Corporate political donations do not boost stock performance, KU professor says
When trying to find a good stock pick, you might want to stay away from companies that make large political contributions, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Kansas and the University of Minnesota.

Traumatic Events Can Prompt Eating Disorders
New research suggests that a lack of support after stressful life events can trigger eating disorders in youth… In the study, researchers from the University of Minnesota spoke to 26 women and one man receiving treatment from a specialist outpatient clinic.

'Most Cited' Journal Articles Already Having Impact
Drumroll please. The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) has announced its list of "most cited" journal articles from 2010… "The most cited? Really? I knew it was in the top 5; when I inquired, I was told it was second on the list," said DeAnn Lazovich, PhD, from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, via email. She was the lead author of "Indoor Tanning and Risk of Melanoma: A Case–Control Study in a Highly Exposed Population."

Business and Politics

After slow start, beekeeping permits jump in Minneapolis
The number of requests for beekeeping permits is spiking in Minneapolis, nearly two years after it was legalized… Others cities have also acted in recent years, said Gary Reuter, who works for the University of Minnesota's entomology department.
Minnesota Public Radio Daily Circuit
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Minn. Lawmakers Vote To Name Lester As State Soil
Minnesota lawmakers have dug through the options and voted to name Lester the official state soil… University of Minnesota soil science professor Terry Cooper says Lester was formed 10,000 years ago and is effective for growing plants.

Pinning Down a New Medium
In the world of college marketing, can a picture be worth a thousand tweets?… The University of Minnesota has begun using Pinterest to promote campus events.
Inside Higher Ed

Higher ed bill takes on liquor sales, textbooks and bonding
The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system’s bonding ceiling could increase 35 percent to $405 million through a bill that also proposes changes to student health insurance requirements and liquor sales at TCF Bank Stadium… Included in the bill is up to $25 million for a mining, metallurgical or engineering degree program offered by the University of Minnesota at Mesabi Range Community and Technical College.
Twin Cities Daily Planet

Gunyou takes a run at Three Rivers park board
John Gunyou, former state finance commissioner and city manager for Minnetonka since 2000, announced Tuesday that he's running for the Three Rivers Park District Board of Commissioners… Arne Carlson, has held a number of positions on state and national boards, and teaches a class at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management.
Star Tribune

People and Lifestyle

The plight of the bees
Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem, but they're declining at alarming rates. It's called colony collapse and it affects humans more than you may think… Marla Spivak, director of the Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota, will join the discussion.
Minnesota Public Radio Daily Circuit

ER doctor, nurse ... and debt collector?
A Chicago-based consultant hired by the Fairview health system pushed hospital workers to engage in overly aggressive bill collection tactics that included pressuring patients in the emergency room, according to an investigative report released Tuesday, April 24, by Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson… "Three University of Minnesota physicians complained that patients were foregoing (sic) treatment because of the Accretive collection practices," the report states.
Pioneer Press


Vets’ Car-Crash Risk Rises After Deployment, USAA Says
Joe Torres, who returned to the U.S. in January after serving 13 months in Afghanistan, was driving with his wife on Interstate 8 to San Diego when he heard a rat-a-tat-tat that sounded like machine-gun fire… “Until the USAA report, most of the published research was limited to studies of motor fatalities,” said Erica Stern, an associate professor in the occupational therapy program at the University of Minnesota, who has studied the driving experiences of returning soldiers.
Bloomberg Businessweek

Fox Business

Good Question: Will We Get Our Money Out Of Social Security?
The headlines are scary: “Social Security Fund: cash gone in 2033.” We continue paying into Social Security with every paycheck, but will we get our money out?… “It’s calculated, based on 35 years of earnings,” said former U.S. Congressman Tim Penny, who now teaches at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School.
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College Debt on the Rise
As this year’s college students graduate, finding a job may not be their only concern. It may be paying off thousands of dollars in college debt. As students at the University of Minnesota Duluth walk the hallways, projects and exams aren’t the only things on their minds.
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Men and their non-evolution
We've come a long way. Or maybe not. A recent study found that modern man is a lot like Cro-Magnon Man. Emphasis on "man."… "All primates use strength and aggression to establish dominance," said William Beeman, chair of the University of Minnesota's Department of Anthropology.
Star Tribune

Dalai Lama finds calm in compassion
In Rochester for a routine medical checkup at the Mayo Clinic, the Dalai Lama also spoke on the importance of using compassion to control stress, comments made as part of a panel discussion hosted by the Mayo Mind Body Medicine Initiative… Wearing a maroon and gold visor with the University of Minnesota's gold M logo -- which matched his trademark gold- and maroon-hued robe -- the Dalai Lama spoke as part of a discussion on the topic of "resilience through mindfulness."
Star Tribune
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Pioneer Press

Electric Bikes In High Demand
Electric bike have been around for a while, but with gas prices going up, so are sales worldwide – and two local businesses are on the ground floor of this emerging trend… It’s the same story at Varsity Bike and Transit near the University of Minnesota, where Rob Dehoff stocks five different brands, priced from $1,000 to $4,000.
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The grass is growing; make it greener
Even though the weather warmed early this spring, turf-grass experts cautioned us to wait to start in on our lawns… Deb Brown is a garden writer and former extension horticulturist with the University of Minnesota.
Star Tribune

Bigger, better plants from soil testing
As Director of the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Lab, Brian Barber can help improve your gardening ability. He is one of several people who test soil to figure out what's in it, and what can help make it better.
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VIDEO: Northern Lights Seen In Minnesota
Last night was pretty spectacular in some parts of Minnesota… If you're wondering, Auroras are rare but not unheard of at these latitudes. The University of Minnesota, which has a webpage dedicated to the phenomenon in state, says they can be seen in Minnesota when the sun is "extremely active."
National Public Radio
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Commentary and Opinion

Don't look to the issues as a guide to the election's outcome
Lawrence R. Jacobs is a professor in the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. As the presidential contest shifts toward the general election battle between President Obama and Mitt Romney, I find myself gritting my teeth in anticipation of the magical thinking about campaigns that typically erupts.
Minnesota Public Radio

Health reform - Genie is out of the bottle
The cherry-picking of harsh Supreme Court questions about the Affordable Care Act has fed a misleading impression that health reform is on life support or perhaps already deceased. Here’s the reality -- health reform continues. Virtually every state is now engaged in using federal grants to build state exchanges and expand Medicaid… Larry Jacobs is a professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota.
The Hill

A Test for Arizona’s Immigration Law
Peter J. Spiro’s take on Arizona’s draconian anti-immigration law, S.B. 1070, is the free-market approach to legislation… William O. Beeman is chairman of the anthropology department at the University of Minnesota.
New York Times

Should beer sales be part of college sporting events?
MPR News readers have come up with some interesting angles on the legislation that could bring the sale of alcohol to TCF Bank Stadium.
Minnesota Public Radio On Campus

The Terrorists Next Door
Tadese Geleta hoped to escape persecution when he followed his wife from Ethiopia to the United States… "On the one hand, we can't let these security screening procedures shut down our programs," Schwartz, who is now dean of the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.
City Pages

SENSENBRENNER: Preventing release of lethal science
When researchers used federal funding to genetically mutate the lethal H5N1 bird flu virus to make it capable of respiratory transmission between ferrets, the U.S. government was caught flat-footed on how to proceed with this potentially dangerous research… Then in a leaked letter, Michael T. Osterholm, a member of NSABB and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, wrote that the decision to reverse its position on the H5N1 studies was based on a biased presentation of the evidence and was “a lot less about a robust science and policy-based risk-benefit analysis and more about how to get us out of this difficult situation.”
Washington Times

Wells Fargo Turns Away Its Own Shareholders From Its Shareholder Meeting
"I would not want to work for Wells Fargo," one woman on lunch break in downtown San Francisco loudly told her friend… In the building lobby, I ran into Wells Fargo shareholder Andrew Constans, who was wearing a suit and tie and holding a paper copy of his single share of stock. The 19-year-old University of Minnesota student flew halfway across the country to tell Wells Fargo that it should pay more taxes.
Mother Jones

Updates and Events

Minnesota's election system after two recounts
After Minnesota took eight excruciating months to decide that Al Franken had beaten Norm Coleman in the 2008 U.S. Senate race, followed by the close  2010 gubernatorial race which resulted in a recount and raised the possibility that no winner would be sworn in on inauguration day, Minnesotans may feel a little cursed, a little shell-shocked and occasionally wondering what the rest of the country thinks is wrong with us election-wise… At least that was the overwhelming sense of a panel of election experts that met yesterday at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School.

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