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Today's News: Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This Week @Minnesota: Film Fest, BioClock Baby Plan, and Mountains were Oceans
In this episode of This Week @Minnesota, check out highlights from the National Public Health Film Festival, learn about U of M Reproductive Medicine Center's BioClock Baby Plan, and check out an art exhibit from U student artists.
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Students weighed down by debt
Jinaa Lane is a college student. She's also a single mother who works three part-time jobs…Lane was one of a dozen students who told their stories Monday to local officials and a U.S. senator during a roundtable on college affordability at the University of Minnesota…The average debt load at the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus is closer to $ 27,500 -- a number that is "too high," said U President Eric Kaler.
Star Tribune
Minnesota Public Radio


Learning to adapt
For the next four years, hundreds of military families in Minnesota will submit to wearing heart sensors to monitor the stresses they exert on each other and allow video cameras to record their interactions as part of an extraordinary first-in-the-nation look at the toll exacted by deployments to war zones. The research, which is being conducted by the University of Minnesota, is aimed especially at gauging the impact on families of Guard and Reserve members, who have made up nearly half of the U.S. forces sent to Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade.
International Star and Stripes

U of M study: soy helps ease hot flashes
Certain soy supplements could help menopausal women experiencing hot flashes, according to new research from the University of Minnesota.
Minnesota Public Radio

Urinary Incontinence Drugs May Be More Trouble Than They're Worth
For women with urinary incontinence, the available treatments may cause more problems than they solve and many stop taking the medications because of side effects that can include dry mouth and constipation, a new analysis indicates…Researchers from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health analyzed data from 94 studies to see how well the available drugs worked.
U.S. News and World Report

Kidney "living donations" favor some patient groups
Americans who receive a kidney from someone who is not a relative tend to be white, highly educated and live in wealthier neighborhoods, according to a new study that calls for wider outreach to promote living donation…Kidney donors typically have to take six weeks off work after the transplant, said Dr. Arthur Matas, the director of the Renal Transplant Program at the University of Minnesota, who was not involved in the new study.

People and Lifestyle

Frost threat to fruit trees
The threat of a hard freeze on Monday night had gardeners and fruit growers scurrying to check their plants. According to the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, it was the fruit tree owners who had the most to lose.
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Catholics object to pope's portrayal in UMD's Holocaust play
A controversial play scheduled at UMD next week critical of Pope Pius XII for not doing enough to stop the Holocaust has raised the ire of some local Catholics who are calling the event “hate speech.”…The 1963 play “The Deputy” is part of the 19th annual Baeumler Kaplan Holocaust Commemoration held at the University of Minnesota Duluth to raise awareness of the persecution of Jews and others by the Nazis before and during World War II.
Duluth News Tribune

DriveScribe App May Help Teen Drivers Avoid Distractions
A new smartphone application will help teens avoid distractions while driving. It blocks text messages and prevents teens from making calls, unless they dial 911…The University of Minnesota later shifted its approach to focus on ubiquitous smartphones, which have built-in GPS technology.
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Updates and Events

Largest medical device conference comes to U of M
More than 1,200 attendees are expected at a major medical device conference, today through Thursday at the University of Minnesota. It's the largest such gathering in the world, say officials at the U of M, host of the conference.
Minnesota Public Radio

Calif. Supreme Court Justice to Speak at U of M
California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu will be speaking at a University of Minnesota event this week…The lecture is presented by the Law School’s American Constitution Society student chapter and is titled “Martin Luther King Jr. and the Good Samaritan.” A question and answer time will follow.

News Releases and Multimedia

Calif. Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu to Speak at U of M Law School

Department of Homeland Security and University of Minnesota to Host Cybersecurity Awareness Sessions on April 19

Soy foods can help reduce hot flashes, University of Minnesota study finds

Poet Heid Erdrich to read new works at University of Minnesota Libraries