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Today's News: Thursday, February 16, 2012

Broadcast News

Distance complicates, impedes healthy diets for some
For many people, a trip to the grocery store is a routine errand, but for Salaam Witherspoon, it's an ordeal…The situation in Lincoln Park is drawing increased attention, in large part thanks to Adam Pine, a geographer at the University of Minnesota Duluth.
Minnesota Public Radio
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Northland News Center
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Cash for Class: Ohio HS Pays Students $10-$25 Per Week
A high school in Ohio is going a different route to keep kids in school and make sure they graduate…FOX 9 News asked Kent Pekel, the executive director at the University of Minnesota's Readiness Consortium, these questions to get some insight.
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U Faculty, Staff or Students in the News

Ind. measles outbreak, traced to Super Bowl, illustrates disease’s quick rate of transmission
Indiana is battling its second measles outbreak in two years, even though its vaccination rate exceeds the national average…Concerns about a widespread outbreak are well-founded, said University of Minnesota professor Kristen Ehresmann, who was part of a research team that studied the disease’s spread across a large sporting event.
Washington Post

Shooter Now: Maturi says AD's job has become more of a business
Joel Maturi, who this June will leave his position after 10 years as the University of Minnesota's athletics director, will be available to advise school president Eric Kaler in naming his successor.
Pioneer Press

Stage adaptation of Mozart's life is classic(al) fiction
In the opening scene of “Amadeus,” Antonio Salieri addresses the audience with an admission about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart…University of Minnesota Duluth music history professor Jefferson Campbell leans toward a parasitic disease, based on journal entries about dinner at a friend’s house that were followed by discomfort.
Duluth News Tribune

Articles of Interest - Metro and State

Gophers Expose Major Hole in Cell Provider Safety
University of Minnesota researchers discover that cell phone hackers can track your physical location without your knowledge. Using a cheap phone, standard equipment and no direct help from a service provider, hackers can quite easily listen to unencrypted broadcast messages from cell phone towers.

U of M World Music Ensemble Presents Afro-Brazilian Carnaval Live
The University of Minnesota’s World Music Ensemble is bringing Afro-Brazilian Carnaval music to the community. Carnaval is an annual Brazilian festival that’s held 46 days before Easter.

Are Electric Cars Better for Environment than Gas Cars? U of M Study Says 'No'
University of Minnesota researchers say electric cars may not be more environmentally friendly than gasoline cars after all.

U of M American Indian Culture House Hosts Film Series
Community members interested in celebrating American Indian culture and history are invited to a film series at the University of Minnesota. The American Indian Culture House is hosting the series to celebrate films about American Indians that challenge racial stereotypes.

Columns, Commentary, Opinions and Blogs

Spinning the Online-Piracy Debate
BoingBoing announced with a flourish this week the arrival of “a study showing that feature films’ US box office returns are not correlated to BitTorrent sharing…Waldfogel, an economics professor at the University of Minnesota, and his co-author, Brett Danaher, a professor at Wellesley, then explored whether the post-BitTorrent penalty was greater for movies popular with young males, who are the most prodigious downloaders.
Wall Street Journal

Self-driven cars and other innovative ideas
To those of us who grew up singing along to tunes like “Little Deuce Coupe” and “GTO,” it’s difficult to imagine a world in which we did not need or want to own a car…Speaking this week at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies, Parent described tests of several innovative urban transport systems that have been under development in Europe over the last two decades.

'Downton Abbey' gets the flu — but does it get it right?
While watching the last few episodes of the PBS Masterpiece hit series "Downton Abbey," I kept waiting for somebody — anybody — to get sick…To get some answers, I spoke with Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, and Richard Danila, an epidemiologist with the Minnesota Department of Health.

EDITORIAL: Facebook v. Universities, Minnesota edition
A mortuary sciences student from the University of Minnesota is in court for a Facebook post involving a photo of a cadaver and a joke about slitting her ex-fiancee’s throat.
Marquette Tribune

On campus beat: MnSCU chief: Cuts 'are into the bone'
Six months into his job as chancellor of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, Steven Rosenstone is making his case at the Capitol…This session is about bonding, not general funding. But the new leaders of MnSCU and the University of Minnesota are using Capitol hearings to introduce themselves, prove their cost-cutting chops and argue against further funding cuts.
Star Tribune

Turkish group takes U of M back to court
It’s been the better part of a year since Alex wrote about the court fight between a Turkish group and the University of Minnesota over the reliability of the group’s site, specifically its information (or lack thereof) on Armenian genocide.
Minnesota Public Radio On Campus

Current News Releases and Multimedia

University of Minnesota researchers discover that cell phone hackers can track your physical location without your knowledge

U of M Water Resources Center to bring LiDAR technology, expertise to natural resource managers throughout Minnesota