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Media Advisory.

Media Advisory

U of M is open during the state government shutdown

Contacts: Patty Mattern, University News Service,, (612) 624-5551

June 23, 2011

The University of Minnesota is open during the state government shutdown. Medical and dental clinics are open to treat patients, while summer classes, new student orientation, student services and other activities continue as usual. Buildings and offices are also remaining open during regular hours.

“The loss of state support, either temporarily or permanently, is a challenge to the University of Minnesota,” says U of M Chief Financial Officer Richard Pfutzenreuter. “However, like any large and complex organization, the university is prepared to fiscally manage fluctuations in our cash flow. We can weather a short-term disruption in the flow of next year’s state appropriation to the university.”

The university’s goal in managing the government shutdown is to minimize disruption to students, faculty, staff, patients and research.

U officials are closely monitoring the situation at the Capitol and continue developing contingency plans in case the shutdown should stretch into late summer.

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