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News Release

A statement from the University of Minnesota

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MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (04/26/2009) —The following is a statement from University of Minnesota Vice Provost for Student Affairs Jerry Rinehart about the incident near Dinkytown on late Saturday night:

"Last night's events near Dinkytown, where a block party got out of control, were an unacceptable display of lawless behavior. This kind of conduct is not reflective of our student body or the University of Minnesota community.

"Recently, we strengthened our student conduct code to be applicable to off-campus situations such as this. We intend to use that code to its fullest as more is learned about those who were arrested and involved in this incident.

"We'll also be taking a look at the causes behind this situation to determine what changes can be made to ensure it is not repeated.

"On behalf of the University community, I want to thank those law enforcement officers who brought this situation to an end without serious injury, and apologize to our neighbors and the broader community for this kind of inexcusable behavior."

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