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News Release

New $1.3 million initiative to further arts, humanities and design at U of M

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MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (09/08/2008) —University of Minnesota Provost Tom Sullivan announced today a new $1.3 million system-wide initiative designed to support a broad range of faculty activities in the arts, humanities and design. The newly created “Imagine Fund” is supported by a major gift from the McKnight Foundation and will begin this fall, with full implementation coming by 2009.

Additional financial support comes from the reallocation of existing funds within the Graduate School and the Office of the Vice President for Research, as well as from the creation of chairs through the Permanent University Fund.

A major highlight of the Imagine Fund is the creation of 250 annual awards worth $3,000 each available to U of M arts, humanities and design faculty. Faculty may use these funds in a variety of ways to support and enhance their research and teaching.

“This program is a true step forward in recognizing the need to provide robust support for the arts, humanities and design,” said Imagine Fund committee member and university dance professor Carl Flink. “This investment will almost certainly encourage a proliferation of new ideas and projects among the artmakers at the university.”

Other aspects of the program include: the creation of two new endowed chairs to celebrate the arts, humanities and design; the annual appointment of a world-class scholar to serve as a distinguished arts and humanities chair; a special fund to support events that promote innovation, collaboration and greater public engagement; and the option for faculty to procure additional funds to secure course release and further advance their creative thinking and scholarship.

“All great universities encourage and promote the remarkable and inexhaustible range of insights offered by the arts, humanities and design,” said Sullivan about the new initiative. “The University of Minnesota is a leader in this field. We must continue to be in the forefront of supporting these endeavors, and the new Imagine Fund annual program will offer a unique series of opportunities for our faculty that will directly and indirectly benefit our students, the University community and beyond. It’s a one-of-a-kind initiative designed to encourage the arts, humanities and design to flourish in new ways,” Sullivan said.

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