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This is the first time, to Professor He's knowledge, anyone has demonstrated a system that allows a person to continuously move objects on a screen at will through 3-D space using noninvasive technology.

U of M Moment - Researcher brings mind control into 3-D

January 13, 2011

Advances in video game technologies always bring big sales, but U of M biomedical engineering professor Bin He’s newest project goes beyond even Nintendo’s latest offering – to 3-D mind control. Lab subject Elissa Gutterman explains how, using He’s technology, she is able to move an on-screen three-dimensional helicopter through a digital landscape using only the power of her thoughts.

Professor He also has a serious purpose in mind. He hopes that someday his work on brain-computer interfaces will give some control over their environment to people who have only their minds with which to communicate, and has already received millions in research grants based on this potential. Stroke and paralysis survivors are among the potential beneficiaries, as Gutterman explains.

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audioU of M Moment: 3-D mind control

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Video: Through the gold ring

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