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Fresh ideas for your lawn and garden

From eNews, May 1, 2008

Getting a late start on your garden this year? Not to worry. Garden centers are still flourishing with healthy, well--developed perennials and annuals-even vegetables--ready for transplanting.

Looking for gardening tips? University of Minnesota Extension's Consumer Horticulture Team has created an online resource featuring useful, research-based information in a gardener-friendly format, which can be found at Garden Info.

Making your lawn healthy

Watch a video interview of Extension horticulture educator Bob Mugaas giving tips on how to improve your lawn this spring.

The Web site offers easy-to-identify flowers and fruits that will work in your outdoor space. Get practical tips from reading the online version of Yard & Garden News, and don't forget the section next to it: "Weird Stuff and Fun Facts from the Gardening World."

If you still have questions after perusing the many online fact sheets, summon the wisdom of a Master Gardener with a quick click of the mouse.

All the inspiration you need is right there in the Web site...just waiting for you to dig in.