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U of M expert available to discuss the ramifications of summer sport injuries

July 12, 2011

sports injury 300Sports injuries are common in the summer, says a U of M expert

Summer is in full force, and rising temperatures and increased sunshine mean more Minnesotans will take to the outdoors, spending their time on the golf course, tennis courts and softball fields. But as activity levels rise, so does the risk of injury.

Each summer, people suffer shoulder injuries as a result of physical activities, and many ignore signs that their injuries should be checked by a physician. A University of Minnesota expert who can speak on shoulder injuries and when people should seek medical attention for those injuries is:

Dr. Alicia Harrison, University of Minnesota Physician orthopaedic surgeon and assistant professor in the Medical School

Shoulder injuries resulting from recreational mishaps can range from minor bruises and sprains to full rotator cuff tears. And while many recreational athletes may choose to “play through the pain” – this may end up causing further damage in the long run.

If a person sustains an injury that seems mild, it should first be treated with rest and over-the-counter pain medications. If over the next few days the individual experiences a significant decrease of function or loss of range of motion, he or she should consult a physician.

While complete rotator cuff tears are less common, the risk of suffering from one does increase with age.

“One way to prevent shoulder injuries, especially as we age, is to incorporate stretching and strengthening exercises as part of your athletic activities,” says Harrison.” According to Harrison, some other ways to prevent injury are: returning to or increasing activities gradually, resting between activities that leave you feeling sore and varying the type of activities you pursue.

Harrison is available for media interviews Tuesday, July 12, from 1 to 3 p.m. To schedule an interview, contact Emily Jensen, (612) 624-9163,, or Kelly O’Connor, (612) 624-5680,

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