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A recent California Supreme Court ruling struck down a state law that banned sales of violent video games to minors. Photo courtesy Stock XCHG.

Supreme Court decision on violent video games shows wide disagreement on communications technologies

June 28, 2011

Yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court to strike down a California law that banned sales of violent video games to minors is being viewed as a defense of free speech. But are there other dynamics at play? A University of Minnesota expert on free speech and video games effect studies is:

Edward Schiappa, professor, Department of Communication Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Schiappa says the Supreme Court decision on California's violent video game law shows wide disagreement on how to think about new communication technology. “The traditional conservative and liberal philosophies were not evident in the opinions of the Court,” Schiappa says.

“Indeed, Justice Scalia takes swipes at two of his conservative colleagues, and both liberal and conservative judges appear conflicted about how to think about video games and what sort of evidence of harm is needed to justify regulation.”

Schiappa is the department chair and teaches graduate courses on contemporary rhetorical theory, critical communication studies, rhetorical criticism and popular culture criticism.

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