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Oral, head and neck cancer is on the rise, U of M expert says

May 11, 2011

The incidence of oral, head and neck cancer is on the rise in Americans — especially among young people, women and patients who don’t demonstrate traditional risk factors. Could you be at risk?

A University of Minnesota expert who can comment on detection and screening methods for oral, head and neck cancer is:

Dr. Deepak Kademani, associate professor in the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Kademani says that for effective treatement of oral, head and neck cancer, early detection is critical.

“Patients who are diagnosed when the disease is in its early stage have an 80-90 percent survival rate compared to those diagnosed in the late stages when the rate of survival drops to 20-30 percent,” Kademani says.

He advises patients to know the signs and symptoms. If you suspect something is wrong, contact your health care provider immediately. Oral, head and neck cancer can be detected during a routine dental or physical exam.

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