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Ronald Greene is an associate professor in the College of Liberal Arts' Department of Communication Studies

Collective bargaining question makes Wisconsin public employee union protests an all-or-nothing issue, U of M expert says

February 24, 2011

When it comes to the current protests in Madison, Wis., against changes to union laws, the rhetoric on both sides of the issue is heated and passionate. Are we hearing the same old employer vs. unions rhetoric or is there something new to this debate? And is there room for a win-win in this rhetorical battle or are the lines already drawn too deep?

A University of Minnesota communication expert who can provide insight is:

Ronald Greene, associate professor, Department of Communication Studies

Greene says there is a new, high-stakes dimension to this debate because collective bargaining is being threatened, a 50-year right for public employees in Wisconsin.

Looking ahead, Greene doesn’t see much room for a mutually beneficial outcome. “If the Great Recession means the federal and state governments are going to institute severe austerity programs – in other words, strip public funding from socially valuable work – then a win-win is not a likely possibility.”

Greene’s research and teaching interests include political communication, debates and civic education, as well as legal and popular perspectives on free speech.

To interview Greene, contact Jeff Falk, University News Service, or (612) 626-1720; or Tessa Eagan, College of Liberal Arts, or (612) 625-3781.

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