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Super Bowl 300

An average 30-second television advertisement for the Super Bowl can cost upwards of $3 million, says U of M Carlson School professor George John.

U of M marketing experts available to break down Super Bowl advertising

February 1, 2011

MEDIA NOTE: To download graphic-free high-definition video of George John's interview, click here.

Why is a 30-second commercial in Sunday’s Super Bowl worth $3 million? How can viewers score the advertising winners and losers? And what role will social media play in the marketing game plan this year?

Two experts from the Carlson School of Management’s Department of Marketing and Logistics Management who can answer these questions and comment on what it takes to win when the game goes to commercial break are:

George John, General Mills-Gerot Chair in Marketing and chair of the Department of Marketing and Logistics Management
John is a leading expert on marketing channels, high-technology and branding. His comments on pricing and branding issues have appeared in the New York Times, Business Week, Star Tribune and American Public Media’s Marketplace.

To view or embed a video interview with John, visit

Joseph Redden, assistant professor of marketing
Redden's teaching and research focuses on consumer experience with satiation, variety and quantity. His work has been featured in outlets such as Psychology Today, the Star Tribune and the Vancouver Sun.

To interview John or Redden, contact Steve Rudolph, Carlson School of Management, or (612) 624-8770; or Preston Smith, University News Service, or (612) 625-0552.

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videoExpert Perspectives: Breaking down Super Bowl advertising 

Expert Perspectives: Breaking down Super Bowl advertising