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University of Minnesota expert available to discuss alternative teacher licensing in state

January 21, 2011

Minnesota Legislators are exploring new ways for people to become teachers in the state. A University of Minnesota expert who can discuss alternative teacher licensure is:

Lisa Jones, executive director of the Educator Development and Research Center in the College of Education and Human Development at the U of M

Traditionally, teacher candidates participate in undergraduate programs and until the 1980s, this was the sole pathway to teacher licensure, Jones says. Alternative teacher licensure is simply a different route to becoming licensed as a teacher.

Jones says there can be multiple benefits.

"Teacher candidates themselves can participate in different structural arrangements that may reduce their educational costs," she says. Second, alternative programs arose because oftentimes teachers graduating from traditional undergraduate licensure programs appeared to lack content knowledge. The intention of alternative licensing is to make sure that teachers know both the subjects they will be teaching and how to teach. The University of Minnesota offers alternative licensure through the Post-BAC Program.

To interview Jones, contact Patty Mattern at (612) 624-2801 or or Diane Cormany at (612) 626-5650 or

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