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University of Minnesota School of Public Health professor Lisa Harnack, who directs the Nutrition Coordinating Center, offers some advice for curbing calories during the holiday season.

School of Public Health expert offers calorie counts for top holiday foods and tips for dealing with holiday eating

November 18, 2010

For many people, Thanksgiving is the start of a food tsunami that extends through New Year’s Eve. It’s tempting to cast care aside and indulge over the holidays, but doing so can add up to an ever-expanding waistline.

A University of Minnesota expert who offers some advice for curbing calories during the holiday season is:

School of Public Health professor Lisa Harnack, who directs the Nutrition Coordinating Center.

To see a video interview with Harnack discussing some tips for holiday eating, visit

Take a little bit of everything but not a whole lot of anything, says Harnack. “A wonderful variety of great tasting foods is one of the highlights of holiday gatherings. So, take advantage without over indulging by exerting portion control. With a dab of this and a dab of that you can keep on the right track.”

She also suggests switching to water. “After a drink or two of calorie-laden wine, cider, etc. consider switching to a calorie-free beverage like water, diet soda, coffee or tea.”

And back away from the table once you're done, Harnack says. “Once the meal is done it’s time to push off and do something with family and friends that doesn’t involve eating. Retire to the living room for conversation or pull out a board game. Better yet, stroll around the neighborhood or walk the kids to a nearby park.”

To speak with Harnack, contact Justin Paquette, U of M Academic Health Center, (612) 626-7037 or; or Kris Stouffer, School of Public Health, (612) 624-4460,

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videoHoliday eating tips from the School of Public Health 

Holiday eating tips from the School of Public Health

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