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Halloween store 300

U of M marketing expert George John says a "cottage industry" has formed around the Halloween holiday. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Halloween generates major cash flow for retailers, U of M expert says

October 28, 2010

Halloween may be a one-evening event, but for retailers nationwide it serves as an almost month-long shopping season. What makes this holiday such a “spooktacular” business opportunity?

A University of Minnesota expert who can comment on the marketing of Halloween is:

George John, professor of marketing, Carlson School of Management

John says Halloween is a larger and larger event every year, as it moves from a kids-only occasion to something many adults are taking part in. Beer sales, for example, show large spikes during Halloween.

“Halloween is almost becoming a start to the Christmas shopping season, which traditionally started after Thanksgiving,” John says.

John is the General Mills-Gerot Chair in Marketing and chair of the marketing department at the Carlson School of Management. John is one of the nation’s leading experts in marketing channels, industrial marketing and high-technology. His current research includes work on component branding and consumer guarantees.

To interview John, contact Preston Smith, University News Service, or (612) 625-0552.

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