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Concern over the safety of seafood caught in the Gulf of Mexico has fallen sharply in recent months, says a U of M expert.

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Concerns about safety of Gulf seafood starting to decline, U of M expert says

August 30, 2010

Consumer concern over the Gulf oil spill's impact on seafood safety has started to decline, according to the University of Minnesota’s Food Industry Center. An expert who can discuss the latest consumer findings is:

Dennis Degeneffe, research fellow at the University of Minnesota Food Industry Center

New data from the Food Industry Center's Continuous Consumer Food Safety/Defense Confidence Tracking Study (CFST) shows that changing sentiment, Degeneffe says.

Although 85 percent of those surveyed in the national sample during the weeks of July 19 through Aug. 9 still expressed some degree of concern over the risk that the oil spill poses to seafood from the Gulf, this percentage has declined from 92 percent in the previous four weeks June 24 through July 12.

“Although consumer concern clearly still runs high, it appears that the upward trend since the start of the oil spill has now peaked and has begun to wane as news coverage has reported that the oil spill has been brought under control and the oil flow stopped," Degeneffe says.

To hear or download audio of Degeneffe discuss the safety of Gulf seafood and other aspects of our food supply, visit or click on the triangle below:

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