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Growing blueberries at home requires knowledge and extra effort, U of M expert says

July 23, 2010

It’s blueberry season in Minnesota. As the blueberry plant is increasing in popularity due to its hardiness in Minnesota weather and documented health benefits, some may wonder, “Why not grow blueberries at home?” However, it takes knowledge and extra effort to grow blueberries in special growing conditions. A University of Minnesota expert who can discuss blueberries for home landscapes is:

Jim Luby, fruit breeder and horticultural science professor, University of Minnesota

Luby says blueberry plants are long-lived (30 to 50 years or perhaps even longer), so considerable time and effort in preparing the planting site is a wise investment. He says blueberry plants grow best in acid soils (pH 4.0 to 5.0) that are well-drained, loose and high in organic matter.

The extra effort can pay off richly. “Blueberry plants are exceptionally handsome bushes worthy of planting in the home landscape," Luby says. "Plants have a profusion of white blossoms in late spring, and the leaves are glossy green in summer and have outstanding red foliage in autumn.”

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