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Jennifer Green is an associate professor of clinical law at the University of Minnesota Law School

U of M expert says U.S. Supreme Court ruling allows plaintiffs to hold former Somali prime minister accountable for human rights abuses

June 2, 2010

The U.S. Supreme Court this week rejected a claim of immunity from ex-Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Ali Samantar. Federal law does protect other countries from being sued in U.S. courts, but that protection does not extend to former officials of countries, the high court ruled. A University of Minnesota expert who can speak about this case is:

Jennifer Green, associate professor of clinical law, University of Minnesota Law School

"This ruling rejects the attempt of Samantar, who was responsible for gross human rights abuses, to misuse the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, a United States law intended to immunize only foreign states and political agencies of foreign states," Green says.
He was the former Minister of Defense of Somalia and knew or should have known about the pattern of human rights abuses, she says.
"This ruling supports the principle that torturers and others who abuse human rights who come to the United States or do business in the U.S. may be held accountable for the abuses they have committed," Green says.

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