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U of M professor Akshay Rao is a marketing professor in the Carlson School of Management

U of M experts available to speak on Toyota brand dilution

February 5, 2010

From Tiger to Toyota mighty brands seems to be falling all around. How should Toyota respond to the continuing negative press? Which segments of its market are likely to be most and least affected by concerns regarding unintended acceleration? What lessons can Toyota learn from Audi's experience in the 1980s?

Two U of M professors with expertise in how brands ought to deal with negative information are available to answer these questions and others:

Rohini Ahluwalia, professor of marketing at the Carlson School of Management
Ahluwalia is a leading expert in the areas of negative advertising and decision making. Her research and opinions have been featured domestically and internationally in the New York Times, NPR the Star Tribune and other outlets.

Akshay Rao, General Mills Chair in Marketing and Director of the Institute for Research in Marketing at the Carlson School of Management
Rao's teaching, research and consulting have focused on industries ranging from food and airlines to apparel and the Internet. His research and opinions have been featured in Time, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNN and other outlets.

To interview either one of these experts, contact Ryan Mathre at (612) 625-0552 or; or 
Rebecca Monro at (612) 626-7940 or

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