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University of Minnesota's researchers aim to spread awareness during Stem Cell Awareness Day

October 23, 2009

Today, the University of Minnesota is celebrating Stem Cell Awareness Day - a public education initiative linking scientists, clinicians, patients and the general public around the world. The idea is to promote a greater understanding of stem cells and their potential to treat a wide range of debilitating clinical conditions. The University of Minnesota's Stem Cell Institute is the world's first interdisciplinary institute dedicated to stem cell research. With more than 17 university schools and centers participating in the institute, researchers are working to better understand and treat diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiology. The following experts are available to discuss the university's new research, therapies and cures with stem cells:

Dan Kaufman, associate professor of medicine and associate director of the Stem Cell Institute
Kaufman’s research involves cancer-fighting immune cells from human embryonic stem cells. He is studying the development of normal blood cells and creating populations of ‘natural killer’ white blood cells that specialize in attacking cancer cells or HIV.

Meri Firpo, assistant professor in the Stem Cell Institute in the department of medicine and division of endocrinology and in the Schulze Diabetes Institute
Firpo's research interests include working on stem cell biology and transplantation therapies for diabetes using human embryonic stem cells.

To interview one of the experts, contact the University News Service, (612) 624-5551.

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