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How filmmakers make our hair rise, blood curdle and spines tingle...and why we like it

October 23, 2009

There is an added layer of fear this Halloween week with the smash hit movie, "Paranormal Activity" terrorizing audiences across the country. But why do we like to be scare and what makes some horror movies so petrifying? A University of Minnesota film studies expert who can take you "behind the screams" is:

Robert Silberman, University of Minnesota Associate Professor of Art History
"I don't know if we like to be scared but we might like it in a controlled situation," says Silberman. Besides a rush of excitement, it can help people work through their fears, such as snakes, clowns or even death. Silberman, who teaches "The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock," can explain how some directors, like Hitchcock and M. Night Shymalan, have mastered the art of suspense and surprise on film.

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