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Digital learning in a digital world

March 11, 2009

The flattening of the world is helping businesses thrive, but education has also been taking advantage of the digital and social media revolution. Students are Twittering teachers and following Antarctic explorers through blogs and Google Earth. Two University of Minnesota experts in education and technology are:
Aaron Doering, University of Minnesota education and technology assistant professor
Cynthia Lewis, University of Minnesota literacy education professor

Doering and Lewis think that while the potential of online education is high, there is still a lot of work to be done to determine best practices. Every subject, even gym class, can benefit from incorporating some form of digital technology or social media -- the right balance just needs to be found. Both Doering and Lewis have researched technology and education and its effects on students and teachers. Additionally, they are working with local impoverished schools to provide students with important 21st century skills that can contribute to reducing the achievement gap. 

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Tags: College of Education and Human Development

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