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"And the Oscar goes to..." U of M professor breaks down the nominations and the evening of glamour

February 20, 2009

Theres a lot to watch for at this years Academy Awards. A small Indian film can make it big, the second actor in Oscar history could win posthumously and theres always the potential for the live television candid moment. A University of Minnesota professor who can break down everything Oscar is:
Rob Silberman, University of Minnesota art history and film studies associate professor

Silberman can analyze all the big category nominations, talk about the Slumdog phenomenon and the ongoing debate of blockbuster movies and big stars vs. independent films and small name actors. He can also tell you what to watch for during the evening, including what will they do this year with the King of Hollywood, Jack Nicholson. Silberman also can provide a history of the Awards, the behind-the-scenes politics and what makes for a traditional Oscar film. His film classes include The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock, Film Noir and Contemporary American Cinema.  

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