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Tension in Somalia

June 1, 2009

Much tension remains in Somalia as the capitol, Mogadishu, was overtaken by an Islamic militia two days ago. Somalia has been lacking an effective government since 1991, and the capitol was controlled mostly by a number of warlords who have been pushed from their strongholds in Mogadishu. A University of Minnesota expert who can speak about the situation in Somalia is:

Abdi Samatar, professor of geography, University of Minnesota
An East-African native, Samatar has taught courses on Africa and the Islamic world. His area of expertise focuses on Somalia, and he is fluent in the language. Samatar can speak about the current situation in Mogadishu and put it in a larger perspective. The outcome of the takeover, he says, will depend, in large part, on the reaction of the international community. Samatar can also comment on what this means to the Somali population in Minnesota, as many maintain relationships and strong connections with friends and family in Somalia.

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