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U.S. foreign policy at a crossroads

December 3, 2008

Between the Russia and Georgia conflict, relations between India and Pakistan heating up and the ever-present Israel and Palestine dispute, Americas revamped foreign policy team finds itself awkwardly positioned amongst its allies and in a new era of diplomacy. A University of Minnesota expert who can explain the new strategies the United States must embrace is:
William Beeman, University of Minnesota professor and chair of anthropology

These inter-country problems prove especially challenging for the U.S., says Beeman, Because frequently our interests lie on neither or both sides. Beeman, who studies foreign relations, believes that with such a complex mix of friends and enemies the current model of foreign policy is obsolete and a new, multi-faceted approach must be taken. The United States must prepare for this transition. We have not been at all good at this, but it must happen or we will be ground up in it. 

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